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 All organisations in today’s competitive environment need to adapt to changes or face extinction. Even in the public sector the failure to respond to the policy imperatives of the day is likely to result in decline in performance.

We define strategy as the process by which organisations manage internal resources and capabilities to take advantage of opportunities in the external environment, whilst addressing the threats that are likely to impact it.

Our strategy services have been structured as follows:

  • Corporate strategy solutions: Our solution sets focus on issues relating to defining the overall aim of the organisation, their scope of services, the market personality served, and the configuration of enterprise wide architecture. Our services also include sector studies and economic development strategies.
  • Business strategy solutions: In this area we focus on issues related to competitive strategy in the market place. In the public sector the context of engagement is informed by city development strategies and SDBIP tactical strategies.


Our strategy consultants are familiar with a variety of tools that may be used to inform the development of strategies such as: portfolio theory; scenario planning; strategic value analysis; value based management; systems thinking; market attractiveness model; customer attractiveness etcetera.
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