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Organisations across a wide range of industries are recognising the potential of re-engineering to deliver stepped improvement in performance. The central challenge in re-engineering is to understand how to unlock value through redesign. This requires insight and understanding of what is done, why it is done and whether it can be improved.

At Akanani Consulting process re-engineering is approached in a holistic manner using Akanani Consulting proprietary Accelerated Performance Improvement Method.

Our methodology uses IDEF0 mapping to derive high level relationship diagrams and ASME to provide work breakdown analysis.

Processes are prioritised based on the degree of importance to the organisation and the potential value that may be realised from the change. A variety of internal (management, process owners, internal customers, and users) and external sources (external customers and benchmarking) provide information on the relative importance and performance of processes.




Value creation is central to developing a business case for process change. To this end our approach ensures that redesign proposals are evaluated against the organisation’s value drivers to determine the qualitative and quantitative benefit arising from the re-engineering initiative.

Being the building blocks of organisation structure design, re-engineered approach ensures that process modelling is performed to accurate standards. Therefore all processes must be precisely defined along specific dimensions including: process objective; key performance; competency requirements; process structure; and technology platform.

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