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Performance Management means different things to different organisations and people; but fundamentally it provides the tool to monitor and improve organisational effectiveness and employee improved accomplishments within the organisation.

We believe as a company that there is no process and system that demonstrates the vital nature of the strategic alignment between organisation and its resources (Financial, Human Resource; facilities, etc) more than performance management. Yet, bridging the gap between strategic planning, setting annual objectives and appraisals to true planning and implementation of Performance Management is a continuous challenge to many institutions.

Our organisational effectiveness services are structured as follows:

Organisational Performance Management

Our solution emphasizes integrated strategic planning and design of institutional performance based on the Balanced Scorecard approach. We provide you with a step-by-step planning and design of your short and medium term organisational strategic objectives and alignment process to key organisational deliverables and measures linked to departmental measures.




Employee Performance Management

Alignment of institutional strategic objectives and employees’ operational contribution towards the organisation’s performance has been identified as a major challenge. Our solution focuses mainly on linking institutional deliverables to key employees and ensures measurable outputs. Should employee objectives be immeasurable, such objectives cannot be improved hence these may be of no value add to both employee and the institution. Our approach is supported by structured training on both organisational and employee performance cycle to enhance effectiveness. Employee performance also focuses on the implementation and review of best suitable performance management system for a client organization. This covers inclusion of good practices on performance management and customizing various performance management models to suit the context and culture of client organization.

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