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Akanani Consulting (Pty) Ltd provides a diverse portfolio of human capital services that take the shape of customized and client best-fit, which are best suited to the client organization context and needs.

The human capital services are best categorized to include strategic human capital ser vices which include amongst other strategy work and outsourcing services. The transactional human capital services cover a broad spectrum of HR maintenance and day-to-day work which amongst others includes recruitment, role profiling, competency-based assessments, training and development, employee performance management and labour relations.

The human capital services provided by Akanani include the following HR processes and systems:

Human capital management strategy: this service includes the development and assisting with the implementation of human capital strategy to ensure integration and interface of HR function to the broader organizational strategy and positioning HR at a strategic core of support functions;

Human resources retainer/outsourcing services: Involves the management of HR function on fixed term basis on behalf of client organization whilst building capacity and operationalising the function to optimal levels;

Transactional human capital services include the following functions:

  • Employee assistance programme (EAP): this service is designed to restore and strengthen the health and productivity of employees. Akanani has a database of EAP professionals who can provide on retainer or fixed term basis the following EAP services on offer: stress management, trauma debriefs and Counselling, substance abuse, physical abuse; financial problems, family problems. The EAP has been a valuable resource to individual employees, and their families, of which it seeks to provide concrete, and practical solutions to employees' personal, family and workplace problems. Doing so improves productivity and reduces poor quality, absenteeism, and morale problems. Akanani believes that employees' personal and family problems may impact negatively on work productivity.


  • Employee relations management: this service includes the provision of professional and sound labour relations advice to client organization which acts within the parameters of labour laws;
  • Human resources management information system (HRIS): this service is about conducting business impact investigation on best suitable automated and manual HRIS for a client and providing specialist advisor y ser vice to client organization in the procuring of best suitable off-the-shelf and/or customised HRIS to suit the clients environment of business and requirements. It includes advising clients on automated leave management systems; payroll management systems, employee filing systems, case management systems, and performance management system;
  • Leadership development: this service is about developing customised leadership development programme and materials that meet client leadership development challenges, needs and requirements. It includes facilitating the provision of leader ship development programme on a fixed term basis and building capacity at a client site to manage the process;
  • Competency modelling and assessments: this service is about the development of competency frameworks and application of a framework in the context of competency based assessments for recruitment, placement, customised training and development, career succession and management, etc.
  • Role description/profile design and customization: this service is about the development of role descriptions and profiles for client organization which are customized to suit client requirements and context;
  • Succession planning and career pathing: This service is about assisting clients to draw and implement a succession plan to retain institutional knowledge, whilst also serving as a retention strategy;
  • Talent identification, sourcing and management: the focus of this service is to source and cover the full spectrum of recruitment, short-listing, selection and placement function, whereby Akanani works on a brief on a client organization to identify candidates that meet the profile identified by a client;
  • Talent and skills retention: this service aims to assist client organization to retain staff that is critical to business operation . Conceptualisation of customized and individual based methodologies and processes;
  • Training and development: this service includes the design, development, and customization of training materials and modules, which also includes the actual facilitation of training programme using the Akanani training modules or client existent modules.
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