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Financial decisions are at the core of every organisation. Akanani has developed a set of financial management solutions and aimed at supporting the quality of decision making and financial management capacity at client organisations.

Financial Decision Making Support Services

In the present fast changing business environment and limited resources, organisations are faced with an ever increasing number of uncertain options over varying time frames. To support the quality of the decision making process Akanani provides the following services:

  • Financial & Investment appraisal: Project appraisal techniques such as: Discounted cash flow; Rate of return; Payback period and a discounted Payback period are used to assess financial benefits of investment decisions.
  • Business valuations: This service focuses on the valuation of strategic investment opportunities such as BEE-related investments or privatisation opportunities based on free cash flow (FCF) after interrogating the strategic context of the investment decision.
  • Financial due diligence: Involves detail evaluations of historic financial information and development of financial projections to understand the current and future financial position and operating potential of organisations. This service may also be used by organisations to have a clearer view of their cost structure, profitability, liquidity, and asset (including working capital) utilisation to pinpoint improvement opportunities.
  • Activity Based Costing: This service aims to assist organisation determine the economic costs of providing services or products to customers by linking costs to the activities that drive customer service provision. ABC is particularly relevant to public sector organisations looking to commercialise their services and or to non-profit organisations looking to merely achieve financial breakeven or multi-service/product organisations improve their pricing strategies and hence revenue management.


  • Value for Money Studies: These are monitoring and evaluation studies that assess the economy and efficacy with which funds have been utilised to achieve reported project outcomes.
  • Risk, compliance & financial reviews: Compliance and risk appraisal ser vices are performed on behalf of organisations that wish to determine the degree of organisational alignment to specific statutory, contractual or corporate governance requirements. These appraisals may also be performed for third party funding agencies such as development banks or donor agencies as a pre or post award survey.

Financial Management Capacity Development

The purpose of this service is to enhance the capacity at client organisations. Our services comprise of:

  • Interim-management support: This aims to provide temporary deployment of Akanani personnel in client organisations in a line role in order to address critical skills or personnel gaps. This service is usually short-term (i.e. not more than 12 months) and incorporates structured training and development of specific client staff earmarked to take-over that role upon completion of the capacity building in order to ensure the adequate capacity development.
  • Capacity assessments: These are rigorous assessments on the quality of the financial management institutional capacity along four dimensions, namely: leadership; technical skills; systems; governance environment (including policies, procedures and organisation).
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