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Akanani Consulting (Pty) Ltd provides organization design and development services which are informed by the client organisation’s business strategy, context, needs, and requirements. Akanani’s approach to organisational design and development aims to create an organisation that can deliver required business results and organisation development is the ongoing process of improving organisational performance and efficiency within a changing and often very challenging business environment. We offer a number of organisational design and development services which cover the following areas:

  • Audit on efficiency and operationalisation of organisational structure: This service reviews the "people aspects" of an organisation, for example assessing barriers to effective working and facilitating ways to remove these. This also includes the determination of core vs. non core services/ functions of the business, which informs the business service offerings.



  • Development of organisational structure: this service provides specialist experience in the identification of design principles, definition of roles and the actual design of best suitable structure of a client organisation, or par ts of organisation, in order to ensure that the structure fits the key business processes undertaken.
  • Facilitation of change management processes: this service involves employee consultation, whether in-depth in a workshop or interview programme, or as a structured staff survey during the organisational design phase.
  • Development and implementation of communication strategy: this service about the development of a communications strategy to ensure effective communication of consistent information to all staff on organisation design processes and planned outcomes. Advice on disposal of non core services/functions: this service par tly covers investigations on modelling of business cases for outsourcing.
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