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 At Akanani we define transformation as the complete change from one state to another state accompanied by changes in mindsets, and behaviours. The process of navigating that change is the function of change management.


We see two strands to transformation: one emanating as a result of organisational strategic change which leads to re-conceptualised operating models and the other emanating from industry re-alignments caused by new market forces arising from innovation, demographic change or regulation such as the implementation of industry BEE charters. Each strand impacts upon the other, thus accelerating the transformation loop.

Our Business transformation & Change management practice provides support to management teams to:

  • Re-conceptualise new responsive operating models: This might involve evaluating different tactical strategies such as: joint venturing, acquisitions and disposals, outsourcing, parenting and shared services.


  • Redefine new enterprise capabilities and competencies such as: organisational flexibility, rapid ser vice deployment, and cross-functional collaboration.
  • Restructure the organisation in order to realise the new vision in the form of implementation support.

Change Management

We understand the impetus of change management as a need to improve organisational effectiveness, company reputation and organisational and people performance. Our change management solution is focussed on an integrated change approach that assures alignment of organisational transformation and change (strategies, structures, processes and organisational culture and climate) and employee’ dimension of change awareness, transitional period (knowledge, capability match to change) and reinforcement (to keep the change in place)

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